Academics NL for Ukraine


EUR, Erasmus University Rotterdam (Ukraine)

Erasmus University Rotterdam supports students and researchers in need, also now.

A preparatory year is provided to selected refugees, to prepare them for entering the Dutch study system. Please contact the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF to learn more about your options.

We support researchers with asylum status in the Netherlands and researchers worldwide who are at risk. How? By providing the following:

  • Actively searching for guest places within our university, befitting the researcher in need.
  • A support program for both the refugees and for the team in which the refugee is placed.
  • Information and opportunities to follow training and courses to help you get back on your career track.
  • Workplaces: If your university had to close, but you can still work or teach online and are looking for a workplace and perhaps even an infrastructure to continue your work, we might be able to help.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have specific vacancies for refugees, however, if you have enough financial means to support yourself (around 1500 euros a month), and if you think that your field of work is in line with topics covered at our university, we will try our hardest to provide you with what you need.

Please contact Ilse Schenk at

Erasmus University Rotterdam. Making minds matter.

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