Utrecht University, Academic Disciplines

Innovative, high-quality and future-proof: these qualities typify the education offered by Utrecht University. For years Utrecht University has been at the forefront of educational innovation and it creates challenging programmes for groups of extra-talented and motivated students, in order to meet the international need for outstanding graduates.

This is illustrated in a number of Utrecht initiatives, such as University College Utrecht and Utrecht Law College. The university is constantly working on creating even better education, with inspiring lecturers and ambitious students.

Educational Innovation
Throughout Utrecht University, students are offered interactive, small-group learning experiences provided by enthusiastic lecturers who actively contribute to improving the programmes where necessary.

Utrecht University develops programmes that meet the demands of both students and society: examples are the Selective Utrecht Medical Master's programme (SUMMA), the Academic Teacher Training for Primary Education (Academische lerarenopleiding primair onderwijs, ALPO) and a minor programme in education. The university continues to invest in innovations in teaching via the Utrecht Education Stimulus Fund.

Professionalisation of lectures
Good teaching is provided by excellent lecturers who are given the opportunity to innovate and improve the education they provide. Ever since the 1990s, Utrecht University has paid extra attention to the professionalisation of its lecturers. For example, Utrecht University was the first university in the Netherlands to introduce both the Basic and Senior Teaching Qualification, extending teaching career training through to the level of professorships.  The university Teacher Awardsare further proof of the fact that the didactic talent of the lecturers at Utrecht is highly valued.

Other initiatives include the Academic Leadership Programme and the Teaching Fellow Programme , while in the university's digitisation projects constant attention is paid to supporting the teaching staff in their further professionalisation. Lecturers share their best practices with each other in the Utrecht University Teaching Academy.

Utrecht University has an extensive range of English-language programmes, including four Bachelor's programmes, 81 Master's programmes, over 200 courses for exchange students, and the largest summerschool in Europe.

Source Utrecht University

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