The emergency phone number for the fire, police and ambulance service is 112. The accident and emergency department in hospitals is called EHBO (eerste hulp bij ongevallen) or SEH (Spoedeisende Hulp).

First Aid & Emergencies (Spoedgevallen)
You can go to the accident and emergency unit at your nearest hospital to receive immediate attention following an accident, without making an appointment. Take your insurance card for the hospital records. They will bill you after your treatment and this amount can be reclaimed from your insurance company. Note that, if urgent care is needed you will still be treated without having the right documents on you.

Emergency phone numbers

  • Emergency calls: 112 (police, ambulance, fire brigade)
  • Police: 0900-8844 (non-emergency)
  • Medical service: 0900-5032042 (24 / 7)
  • Tourist medical service: 0205923355
  • Report crime anonymously: 0800-7000
  • Animal ambulance: 0900-0245
  • Coastguard: 0800-0111
  • Victim aid: 0900-0101
  • Lost & found: 0900-2666399
  • Post & mail: 0800-0417
  • Yellow pages (in English): 0900-8008
  • Utility emergency: 0800-1975 (gas, water, electricity etc.)
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