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Bringing Family

You may want your partner and/or children to be with you in the Netherlands. Perhaps they wish to come over together with you, or join you at a later stage. Either way, be sure to mention any plans to your host institution or Dutch employer as early as possible. This …

20 Things You Need To Know

Twenty things you need to know when moving to The Netherlands

1. Gratis
First Dutch word to learn! "Gratis" means "free", so you see it a lot in the supermarket: 10% gratis, 1+1 gratis, ...

2. Ride a bike
A bike is a useful and necessary means for transportation. Many people …

Plan your career

AcademicsConnected: your career planner by AcademicTransfer

Are you figuring out what you want after your PhD or postdoc? Or curious to see what career possibilities there are for researchers in the Netherlands?

AcademicsConnected is a career network to help you and your fellow researchers find your career path in the …