Medical System

The medical system is a social provision, which means that everyone has health care insurance and access to care. The state also provides regular check-ups for children. The basic system starts with insurance or verzekering, often provided through an employer.

There are many good hospitals in the Netherlands. You will find university, community and religious hospitals, and all can be expected to have a high level of care. Most Dutch hospitals offer the same specializations, so that going to one hospital is as good as going to another. However, some do specialize in particular ailments. Your GP can direct you to a suitable one if this is the case.

Children are given basic care and vaccinations through the local child health centre (consultatiebureau) (for children under 4 years of age) or the youth health and welfare doctor (jeugdarts) (for children aged 4-18 years), but in case of illness they should visit their GP. While all hospitals have children’s wards, there are also several excellent children’s hospitals in the country. These are particularly likely to have accommodation for parents or relatives who want to be close at hand.

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