KPZ, Katholieke Pabo Zwolle

Hogeschool KPZ is an independent university of applied sciences. The bachelor study teacher training primary education (Pabo) focuses on: students becoming excellent primary school teachers; practice-based study; providing valuable educational development.

Hogeschool KPZ has more than 1000 students and about 120 employees. Students appreciate KPZ for several years as one of the best teacher training colleges and best small university in the Netherlands.

Hogeschool KPZ is personal, exceptional, developing and connecting. It is exceptional because of its willingness to think out of the box which sometimes means we deviate from mainstream ideas. KPZ has a unique educational concept which aims to develop the professional teacher with outstanding outcomes. KPZ provides a fertile learning environment and creates a strong community spirit. We offer sincere personal attention, personal development and cooperation, an open and inquisitive attitude and are striving after quality. KPZ is a university with an open identity where everyone is welcome. The European Commission has awarded the charter 2021-2027 to KPZ.

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