Holland is one of Europe's leading suppliers of chemical products and services. Important raw materials are available or easy to supply while an extensive transportation network provides access to Europe and beyond.

Developing smart materials and solutions
The Dutch Chemical Industry works methodically to find solutions for society’s great challenges, and, more specifically, focuses on five key areas: Healthcare, Food Security, Energy, Transport, and Climate and Resources. As many of these challenges are multi-disciplinary in character, the Chemical sector works cooperatively across many other sectors.

The Chemical sector in the Netherlands provides a platform where various stakeholders can connect with each other and co-create new solutions. Like other industries the world over, it has to deal with increasing scarcity of natural resources, as they dwindle due to over-consumption, or are simply scarce. The Dutch see this as a challenge to be embraced – one that can deliver opportunities - and as a catalyst for the transition to greener, more sustainable chemicals. This means that sustainable and environmentally friendly source materials should be utilised to develop smart materials and solutions, and new processes developed that reduce the production of unwanted by-products and waste materials.

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