General Practitioner

Once insured, it is important to register at a huisarts (general practitioner, GP, or family doctor). Your GP is your first point of contact for any illness except for emergencies. He or she will direct you to specialists when needed. Seeing a specialist requires a referral (verwijsbrief) if you want the insurance to cover the specialist’s fees. Most doctors speak English. It is advisable to find a GP and register with them as soon as possible. This can take some time as there are often waiting lists. Ask your HR contact as about locating local doctors without waiting lists. If you need medical attention while waiting to register, you can call a GP in your neighbourhood and ask to receive treatment as a non-registered patient (passant). Most GPs close at 16:00 and do not have weekend hours. You must usually get an appointment first, which you do by calling the receptionist. However, for minor ailments many doctors have a walk-in consulting hour (inloopspreekuur), usually between 8:00 and 9:00 hrs, where you can see the doctor on a first-come-first-served basis. Many doctors also have a telephone consultation hour (telefonische spreekuur) for simple questions or prescriptions.

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