We are very pleased to be able to present this widget containing numerous FactCards that provide information related to moving to the Netherlands for a career in academia. Of course we do not want you to get lost in all the information that we offer, so below you will find some suggestions for using the tool.


First of all, we have organized the FactCards according to five main themes (Arriving, Living, Studying Working and Research). The colour and the logo of the theme will give you a visual clue about the subject. Notice that the colour and logo of the theme will always show on the FactCard so you know to which theme the subject belongs.


In order for you to easily find related information, we have grouped some of the FactCards for you and saved them as decks. You can for instance find a deck of all the Dutch research universities or a deck containing all information about visa. Some of these decks show as featured decks on the homepage and decks will also appear when you check a particular FactCard under Related Decks


You can simply start searching by browsing through the main themes if you click or tap them. All the FactCards of that particular theme will appear and you can navigate through all these cards easily. For each FactCard the related Decks will show, so you can find other relevant related information from the same or another theme as well.

Another way of finding the FactCards you are looking for, is by entering a keyword in the search field. The search field is featured clearly on the homepage, and can be used by clicking the search icon next to the themes at the top of all the other pages. When typing, the search field will auto-fill with predefined keywords and once entered, show matching FactCards. When entering a search text that does not match our pre-defined keywords, the engine tries to find the word in the title of a FactCard and uses this as a search result.


Once you tap a button of a FactCard in the search result, you will be redirected to the url of that FactCard. This is the start to exploring the subject in depth or branching out to other subjects using the related Decks or FactCard buttons that show up. Our team has cross-linked FactCards that relate to others so you can easily skip from one subject to another.

You can always find your way back by clicking the navigation path. If you want to return to the start page, you just click the FactCards logo at the top. 


When you have found the information you are looking for, you can save the FactCard by clicking the heart icon at the bottom of the FactCard. By doing so the FactCard will be added to your favourites. If you want others to know about the relevant information you have found, you can also share the FactCards easily via Social Media. These icons can be found at the right top of the FactCard.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our FactCards!

Please note that this is a beta release and we are currently working on the functionalities. Let us know your suggestions using the contact form.