Living in another country is not only insanely exciting, but it can also be insanely annoying in figuring out how all the rules and regulations work - not to mention all of the digging through the incomprehensible and sometimes unreadable documents.

How your salary is determined
How do you know what the right salary indication should be? How do you know if you get the salary you deserve? If you come from a country where the salary level is much higher, you might need some time to recover from the shock of what you will earn for the same position here in the Netherlands.

However, don’t forget that everything is in balance here (e.g. monthly rent, cost of living etc.). Then again, with the heavy taxes you have to pay plus the tightening up on the rules of the 30% ruling, coming to the Netherlands may be less exciting than most newcomers had hoped for.

If you work through a recruitment agency, the salary negotiations are always done by the agency for you. The recruitment consultants judge if the salary indication fits with the level of the role you will be taking. Due to their knowledge of the labour market, the consultants should have a good insight of what a fair salary is, what your indicated salary is and where the opportunities lie, while keeping the interest of the client in mind.

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