Importing Goods - Vehicle

Bpm is the private motor vehicle and motorcycle tax. Do you buy a passenger car, motorcycle or delivery van in the Netherlands? Or do you bring a passenger car, motorcycle or delivery van to the Netherlands from abroad? In that case you pay levies including bpm. 

For which motor vehicles do I pay bpm?
You pay bpm for a passenger car, motorcycle or a delivery van.

Calculate and pay bpm
We calculate the bpm over the CO2 emission in gr/km, or over the net list price. Information on how this works is given under calculation and payment.

File a return for bpm
Do you import a passenger car, delivery van or motorcycle? Always first have this identified or inspected at an RDW testing station. After that you can file a return.

Also interesting for you: importing goods - tax exemption.

Source Belastingdienst

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