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Activities next to your work / research

You are coming to the Netherlands to do research or teach at a higher education institution. But for whatever reason you may want (or need!) a second job. Here you can read whether this is legally possible. Find out if a workpermit is needed for these extra activities.

EU/EEA citizen
You are free to work in the Netherlands, also for voluntary work, second jobs, setting up your own company.

Holders of a residence permit which states 'arbeid is vrij toegestaan'
Such residence permit allows free movement on the Dutch labour market, including voluntary work, side jobs, setting up an enterprise.

Residence permit of scientific research under the EC/2016/801 directive
This residence permit gives you the status 'free on the labourmarket' which allows you to pick up any other economic activity next to your research. You can take up a second job, do any occasional work, you can do voluntary work and set up a company, all without any workpermit restrictions. However, make sure your research activities are the main part of your economic activity! If you spend more time on other activities than research, you do longer comply to the conditions of yoiur residence permit. The HR department at your research institute can advise you on this.

Residence permit as highly skilled migrant (kennismigrantenregeling)
This residence permit allows you to do the work for which you are hired. It is okay to do some odd jobs for your employer which do not fall under the direct description of your work. (Your HR department can advise you on such matters). You are not allowed to take up work outside of the workdescription, for example a sidejob. You are allowed though to set up your own enterprise next to your work. Furthermore you can do voluntary work if the organisation holds a Voluntary Declaration (Vrijwillegersverklaring).

A note should be made regarding highly skilled migrants. A highly skilled migrant can have two employers, as long as he qualifies as a highly skilled migrant for both jobs. These requirements are laid out in the Aliens Act.

Your employer has a work permit for you
A work permit only allows your employer to let you do the work for which the work permit was acquired. In the unlikely event that your employer had to apply for a workpermit for you, you are only allowed to do the work which falls under the work permit. Your HRM can advise you if you are allowed to take up other work, for which you will need another work permit.


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