Registration at the Municipality Administration (BRP)

Registering at your local municipality is a mandatory procedure if you intend to stay longer than 4 months, irrespective of your nationality. If you are moving within the Netherlands, you must inform your new municipality of your arrival.

The registration is done in person at your local town or city hall, in most cities by appointment only. All family members that will be registered must be present. No registration fees apply.

Municipal personal records database
The municipal personal records database (in Dutch: Basisregistratie Personen, abbreviated to "BRP") contains information regarding all residents in the municipality. This includes personal and address details of yourself and your accompanying family members, if applicable. The database is also used as a source of information by various other organizations, including IND, Tax & Custums Administration, and Social Insurance Bank. These organisations rely on the address details as listed in the municipal database.

Conditions & documents
You must always bring the following documents to your registration appointment:
- Proof of identity:  valid passport or identity card.
- Proof of address:  tenancy agreement or property deed. If the lease/ownership is not in your name, you also need written permission from the main occupant/owner of the property, and a copy of his passport.
- Birth and marriage certificates: if you are accompanied by your spouse, you must also bring your marriage certificate. If you have any children with you in the Netherlands, birth certificates are also required. Please note that you may have to get these documents legalised.


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