First weeks in the Netherlands


First weeks in the Netherlands

After you have arrived in the Netherlands there are some things that you need to do in the first few weeks after arrival. These things are mentioned on this FactCard.

Always make sure that you know what kind of services your employer offers. You may for instance be able to take out insurance via your employer.

There are a number of insurances that are advisable to arrange. Health insurance is obligatory and must be arranged before or very soon after arrival in the Netherlands. Other insurances include Liability Insurance, Car insurance or House Contents Insurance.

Register at a GP, pharmacy and dentist
In the Netherlands you need to register at the practice of a General Practitioner (GP), at the pharmacy and at the dentist. Only after you have registered you will be able to make an appointment to see them or to collect medicine. In some cases employers recommend certain practices to international employees, so make sure to check this first.

Apply for allowances
The Dutch government provides a number of allowances to people living in the Netherlands, such as healtcare allowance, rental allowance and childcare allowance. These allowances can be quite beneficial, so it is worthwile to check if you meet the requirements.

Car Tax (BPM) and insurance
You may have brought your car to the Netherlands or are planning to. According to the Dutch Law System, for all cars their owners have to pay taxes (BPM). Make sure to arrange this before you hit the roads. Furthermore, you can take out an insurance for any damage that may be done to your car.

Driver's license
If you wish to drive your car or rent a car in the Netherlands, you will have to check the conditions for using your own driver's license. Depending on your situation, you may be allowed to use your driver's license for a while or you may need to apply for a Dutch driver's license.

IND Registration for EU/EEA citizens
Although it is not compulsory, it may be advisable to register at IND as an EU/EEA citizen. You may for instance need this when applying for a contract for your cell phone.

Get connected
You probably want to be able to call and skype with your friends and family back home. Therefore, you need to get connected to the internet. There are various options to arrange this, ask one of the providers or check the possibilities at one of the shops of the Dutch network providers.

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