Amsterdam Science Park

At Amsterdam Science Park we cultivate the growth of great ideas.

Conveniently located right at the edge of the city centre you’ll find an ever-growing talent pool at the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University College. Furthermore, thousands of pioneering scientists are looking to elevate their research. They are able to help your organisation with complex challenges. Hundreds of companies have already tapped into this wealth of knowledge.

Collaborate with researchers
From the latest developments in AI to exploring cryptology and renewable energy. researchers at Amsterdam Science Park are at the forefront of cutting-edge scientific research. And your company can benefit.

Pioneering research leads to the innovations that will make your company a frontrunner in its field. Whether you’re a multi-national corporate giant, an SME or a small-scale startup business, you can leverage the opportunities on offer at Amsterdam Science Park. The park is home to the Netherlands’ highest concentration of publicly funded research. Our award-winning researchers and academics are breaking new ground and advancing key technologies.

Countless public-private R&D programmes are taking place across numerous disciplines. The resulting discoveries will help improve manufacturing processes, secure data exchange, fight diseases, modernise IT infrastructures and combat climate change. This collaborative knowledge exchange in Amsterdam bridges the gap between academic research and the marketplace, driving innovation and growth.

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