We help new companies to emerge, and existing companies to innovate. The innovation professionals at Novel-T like to get their teeth sunk into promising innovative business. Is your request better for one of our partners? Even then, we will help you find the best way.

Novel-T helps new businesses get off the ground and existing businesses innovate. That’s basically what this non-profit organization does. In reality, the support goes even further than that. We offer one on one support with our business developers, as well as top notch programs and support through our services. In addition, we offer entrepreneurs (to be) a direct line to knowledge, talent, capital, and networks of other market leaders. All of this can help with a successful market introduction. We offer support based on an assignment from our founders: the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, and the regional government.

We are Novel-T: the power of a strong ecosystem from Novel-T on Vimeo.

Source Novel-T

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