Research Priority Areas

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is a first-class research university. To sustain and build on this position, the UvA has designated 20 fields in which it wishes to actively foster further development.

The very best in terms of research
These so-called 'research priority areas' represent the very best the UvA has to offer in terms of research and are also areas in which the UvA is a worldwide leader. The related programmes are run by the UvA's thriving research institutes, which receive external grants and attract renowned researchers and outstanding students.

A quarter of all research conducted at the UvA is organised within these priority areas. Other UvA research, often extremely valuable in its own right, falls outside this category. At a time when financial resources are limited and more apt to contract than expand, the UvA is taking this approach in order to both safeguard and promote the pursuit of excellent research.

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