Scientific Fields

From the standpoint of our mission, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) focuses on the domain of food and living environment. In that domain, we distinguish three related core areas, which partly overlap:

  • Food, feed and biobased production
  • Natural resources and living environment
  • Society and well-being

Food, feed and biobased production
This core area concerns the sustainable production and processing of food, feed and biobased products, international food chains and networks, food safety and health aspects of nutrition.

Natural resources and living environment
This core area concerns nature, landscape, land use, water management, sea, natural resources and biodiversity.

Society and well-being
This core area encompasses human behaviour in regard to food and living environment, lifestyle, perceptions, but also institutions, governance, market, supply chains and social innovations.

In this domain Wageningen University & Research is affirmed by the prominent position we occupy in international rankings and citation indexes. This time line gives an overview of news items about grants, awards and rankings.

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