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Benefits (toeslagen)

Do you live in the Netherlands and do you have healthcare insurance, a rented house or children? In some cases, you may be entitled to a contribution towards the costs for the Dutch healthcare insurance, a rented house or childcare or other expenses for children up to 18 years old. Such contribution is called benefits ('toeslagen' in Dutch).

You can apply for a benefit using the ‘Mijn toeslagen’ website, for which you require a DigiD. You can also call the Tax Information Line on 0800 0543 from The Netherlands or +31 555 385 385 from another country. They can help you and make an appointment to apply for the benefit together. We strongly advise to contact a tax advisor before you apply for a benefit, as it is easy to make a mistake, which can result in having to pay back large amounts of money.

For which benefits can you be eligible:

  • Healthcare benefits, to compensate people with lower incomes for the costs of healthcare insurance - (zorgtoeslag)
  • Rent Benefit, to compensate people with lower incomes for the rental of their living accommodation (huurtoeslag)
  • Childcare benefits, to compensate for the cost of childcare facilities (kinderopvangtoeslag)
  • Children benefit, for people with children up to 18 years old (kindgebonden budget)

You can read about these benefits on the website of the Dutch Tax authority about moving to the Netherlands or the one about benefits


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