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Wageningen UR, Scientific Fields

Our 5,000 employees and 9,000 students are active within the domain of healthy food & living environment. This comprises three core fields which are strongly inter-linked:

Health, lifestyle and living conditions

  • How do we stay healthy for as long as possible?
  • What is the relationship between food risks and consumer behaviour?
  • What do consumers know about food quality and safety?

Nutrition and food production

  • How can we produce and distribute food more efficiently with as little use of fossil raw materials as possible?
  • How do we guarantee clean and safe products on the shelves?
  • How do we improve the shelf life of products without reducing food quality?
  • What are the social consequences of food production worldwide?

Living environment

  • What is the influence of climate change on nature and landscapes?
  • What are the consequences of social changes on land use?
  • How can water supplies in the world be managed in a more sustainable way?
  • Which sustainable solutions allow the management of conflicting claims on space?

‘Great work environ coupled with relaxed work pace. Also having the best instruments in the world helps a lot withgetting high publications!’, from Employee satisfaction survey 2015

The scientific quality of Wageningen UR is affirmed by the prominent position we occupy in international rankings and citation indexes. This position is due to the fact that we have been succesfully working on the quality of life for many years  now. Consequently, we are always looking for talented colleagues. Professionals who want to put their expertise to work for tomorrow’s world.

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