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'To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life'. This is Wageningen University & Research's (WUR) mission. Wageningen University & Research is a research institution that focuses on the domain ‘healthy food and living conditions’.

The world is changing radically. The world’s population is growing while the population of the western world is aging. The pressure on land use is increasing, thus giving less environmentally damaging forms of food producing more chance. The climate is changing and fossil fuels become scarcer, which offers the possibility of utilising profitable sustainable alternatives. And there is the growing need for healthy, versatile, adequate and safe food.

For the urgent challenges within our domain there are no clear-cut solutions. Therefore we cherish the close collaboration that exists between the natural and social sciences at Wageningen University & Research. But we also look beyond our own domain, by applying our developed knowledge in the domain of 'healthy food and living conditions' elsewhere as well.

In the coming years we want to further expand our leading position in this field. We want to do this in close collaboration with governmental organisations, commercial businesses, fellow institutions and universities at home and abroad. We want to stay ahead of the game internationally, to join financial forces with third parties, to share knowledge and to find sustainable solutions to the challenges that the world is facing. That is the infinite ambition of Wageningen University & Research.

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