Codarts Rotterdam trains talented and driven dancers, musicians and circus performers to become dedicated and inspiring artists, leaders and facilitators, ready to spread their wings in a dynamic, international context.

Artistic development, the arts practice, and arts education benefit from research. Codarts is convinced the arts practice is in need of validated knowledge and that this is also developed within.

The research at Codarts is conducted by the lectors and the members of their research centre and by the PhD candidates; the learning research is a part of the master’s curriculum. Bachelor students are taught basic research skills.

Codarts has three programme lines:

  1. Excellence and Wellbeing. As part of this programme line, research is done to increase knowledge about the physical and emotive factors that influence the performance on stage. The acquired knowledge helps performing artists get a handle on improving their artistic performance.
  2. Performance Practice. Performing Practice conducting research on how the current practice of musicians, dancers and circus artists looks like, as well as research on the development of new practices.
  3. Innovation in Education. As part of this programme line, research concerning new ways of learning in the fields of music, dance, and circus is done. A large part of the focus is on ‘blended learning’, the mix between traditional arts education and digital learning aids and learning processes, in connection with the (digital) environment of the current generation of students.

Source Codarts

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