Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Research at Inholland University of Applied Sciences is organised in six faculties.

  • Faculty of Creative Business
  • Faculty of Health, Sports and Social Work
  • Faculty of Business, Finance and Law
  • Faculty of Education, Learning and Philosophy
  • Faculty of Engineering, Design and Computing
  • Faculty of Agri, Food & Life Sciences

Inholland University of Applied Sciences has established itself since 2002 in the development, transfer and utilisation of knowledge through these research groups. The groups are headed  by so-called “lectoren”, professionals who have an established reputation within a specific field, most of them holding a PhD. 

Many of these “lectoren” combine their work for Inholland with appointments elsewhere. This enables them to keep in touch with the professional practice in their respective fields. This circulation of expertise stimulates and facilitates innovation in the professional world as well as in the educational programmes that Inholland offers. In this way research contributes in developing the competencies of future professionals; students learn about the practicalities of the professional world by conducting research. Teachers as well as experts from outside Inholland also participate in the research groups. Teachers as well as experts from outside Inholland also participate in the research groups.

The groups act as a bridge to knowledge - they bring up-to-date information from outside Inholland and transfer information - usually the results of research – vice versa both at a national and at an international level. Research groups focus on research demands from small and medium sized enterprises, as well as the public sector and larger businesses. They also seek corporation with universities at home and abroad, next to bachelor and master programmes within Inholland. More than twentyfive “lectoren” work for Inholland University of Applied Sciences, in six different locations.

Source Inholland University of Applied Sciences

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