Cancer, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, infectious and autoimmune diseases are among the leading causes of disease burden for patients and society. The Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (CTMM) was established in 2008 to address these areas, supported by FES funding (Dutch natural gas reserve fund).

CTMM was set up to help drive the development of molecular diagnostics and molecular diagnostics and molecular imaging technologies, focusing on translational aspects of molecular medicine. The goal was to ensure that scientific results can be applied as quickly as possible in patient care – with earlier and more precise diagnosis of disease, and the design of highly personalized therapies.

All Dutch university medical centers, several universities, and more than 90 companies were involved in a wide range of CTMM research projects. These projects combined R&D, clinical resources, and research infrastructure so that patients with complex diseases could benefit from innovative treatments. A strong translational focus was reflected by financial support for the projects from six Dutch health foundations. In all, CTMM had 133 partners, with €321 million in allocated budget until the end of 2015, and was part of 32 projects/consortia.

Source Lygature

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