TKI Dinalog

The Netherlands has been playing a significant role in world trade for many centuries and has gained extensive experience when it comes to transport and logistics.

The country boosts an excellent infrastructure with ports and corresponding multimodal transport links, and world-class logistics service providers. Moreover, the logistics functions within shippers and the supporting services industry make up the network of expertise of Dutch logistics. Therewith, the Netherlands contributes to the worldwide competitive position of Dutch sectors and global trade. As the world changes, technologies develop and economics shift, the Netherlands continues to innovate logistics to remain at the forefront in global trade and logistics.

TKI Dinalog is the Knowledge and Innovation Partnership in which business, knowledge institutes and government work together in the innovation program of the Dutch Topsector Logistics. TKI Dinalog supports public private partnerships in research and development by matchmaking of partners, support in the development of collaboration consortia, strategic planning of innovation topics, and the preparation of research programs. The program management monitors innovation projects in terms of knowledge development and governance, as to account for the government investments in R&D in a transparent and open way.

Furthermore, TKI Dinalog is actively involved in knowledge transfer and valorization. These activities consist of a contact point for SMEs, general communication and networking, support in valorization of R&D project results and participation in events. In those themes relevant for a strong and competitive logistics sector; sustainable logistics, data-driven logistics and supply chain coordination. In the Netherlands and beyond.

Source TKI Dinalog

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