Maastricht University Medical Centre+ is a partnership between Maastricht University Hospital and Maastricht University's Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences.

We distinguish ourselves nationally and internationally by focusing not only on restoring people to good health but also on helping them stay healthy and improve their health. In addition to tertiary referral care and top clinical patient care, our core tasks are research, education and training, and valorisation. Maastricht UMC+ also provides basic healthcare services for the city of Maastricht and environs. This means that, in cooperation with our network partners, we are uniquely equipped to deliver healthcare services from baseline to tertiary level and thus offer precisely the right care where it is needed, but also to investigate the effects of new healthcare models. In our teaching, we take a multidisciplinary and problem-based approach that uses case histories to impart knowledge.

Our mission
Providing the best possible care and improving health in the region by integrating patient care, research, and education.

A university medical centre connects research and education with medical care, spurring the development of new treatments, from laboratory to clinic. Maastricht UMC+ is therefore the ideal environment for innovation. The basic knowledge that we gain takes us a step further. We try to understand every aspect of the human body and the origins of diseases and, based on that knowledge, promote the health of every individual and improve quality of life –not only that of our patients, but also and especially of those in robust good health. That's what the "+" in our name stands for.

Source MUMC+

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