University Maastricht [UM] and University Hospital Maastricht [azM] work together under the umbrella organisation Maastricht UMC+, or Maastricht University Medical Center+.

Maastricht UMC+ is the perfect partner for: health recovery, health preservation and health promotion. Quality, safety and patient focus are given the highest priority in everything we do.

Maastricht UMC+ has three mutually reinforcing core tasks:

  • Patient care: We provide diagnostics and treatment, from basic care to topclinical and topreferral care to the most complex patients;
  • Research: We do scientific research, from fundamental to applied, that complements and contributes to the specializations within patient health care;
  • Education and Training: We train new generations of doctors and researchers.

Our profiles
We concentrate on four distinct clusters that cover the entire spectrum of care and research from prevention to aftercare and from basic to clinical research – these are our profiles. They are:Ÿ

  • Brain & nerve disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Oncology
  • Respiratory disease 

Our ambition is to be of national and international importance in 2020, in these four areas.

Our research
Our research is organized into research institutes, referred to as Schools:

CAPHRI – Primary health care and prevention
CARIM – Cardiovascular diseases
GROW – Oncology and developmental biology
MERLN – Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine
MHeNS – Mental healthcare and neuroscience
M4I – Maastricht MultiModel Molecular Imaging Institute
NUTRIM – Nutrition, toxicology and metabolism
SHE – Teacher training and educational research

Source MUMC+

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