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Radboud University

A university with world-class research

The discovery of graphene and gravitational waves, research into linguistics or everything you've always wanted to know about our brain - Radboud University has some world-class research on offer.

Radboud University is a close-knit, academic community situated on a forested, modern campus. The working atmosphere puts individuals on centre stage. The results of satisfaction surveys confirm that students and employees agree that the culture on campus is open, ambitious, personal and safe. Thanks to this, students find it easy to engage in conversation with lecturers, researchers and professors. It also challenges our researchers to look beyond the boundaries of their own fields.

We encourage this by getting researchers of different disciplines to work together within research institutes like the Donders Institute for Brain, Cogniton and Behaviour and the Behavioural Science Institute. The presence of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics on our campus also contributes to the multidisciplinary research. And  in the Radboud Excellence Initiative we bring top researchers and talents from abroad to Radboud University for a shorter or longer period.

Our way of working: a personal approach
Employees have a high level of freedom to determine the way they structure the work they do at Radboud University. We work on the basis of trust and professional integrity.

Focus on the individual means we take each employee’s phase in life and career into consideration. Radboud University offers customised facilities to better align work and private life. Parents are entitled to partly paid parental leave and Radboud University employees enjoy flexibility in the way they structure their work.

This flexibility extends to the conditions of employment and some aspects of the conditions of employment can be fine-tuned to the employee’s wishes. Options include a tax-free reimbursement for a bicycle or fitness.

The Radboud University campus has something for everyone: from the Radboud Sport Centre to Radboud Reflects (lecture & debate). We also have a Guesthouse for new, temporary employees.

Source Radboud University

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