AMOLF performs leading research on the fundamental physics and design principles of natural and man-made complex matter. The research of AMOLF provides fundamental insights on topics such as the nanoscale interaction of light and matter, the programmable properties of mechanical metamaterials, and the molecular mechanisms underlying cellular function. AMOLF leverages these insights to create novel functional materials, and to find solutions to societal challenges in renewable energy, green ICT, and health care.

The research programme of AMOLF consists of four intertwined research themes:
•    Nanophotonics: the study and control of light at the nanoscale
•    Nanophotovoltaics: improvement of solar cells with nanomaterials
•    Designer Matter: research and design of new and smart materials
•    Living Matter: research of biomaterials and multi-cellular systems

The research programme of AMOLF brings together physics, chemistry, biology, materials sciences and engineering, and has a strong focus on the development and use of advanced scientific instrumentation and quantitative modelling.

Source NWO

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